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Joshjackson1111 deleted Sep 6

Purchased, stll waiting for link thank you xoxo

siuming Jun 28

There is no free links after putchase

small1sh Mar 10 2016

I'd love to get horny with you Taylor

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 12 2015

hey love I left you lots of hearths, lets collaborate honey! you make me horny muahhzz!

marioluv84 Dec 12 2015

Totally turned on from the second you walked on in your scrubs. Great video

Eric2485 Dec 5 2015

absolty beautiful So sexy worth ever dime I love you do so fn sexy I got it to work qwow pm me and let me no if yould how u don't get caughf

Eric2485 Dec 4 2015

I can not get this to play

Eric2485 Dec 4 2015

So sexy how do you get away with it

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apeiron Dec 30 2015
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Is this behind the front desk?? Awesome! This video takes everything good about the first video and one ups it! Both videos are subtle but also kinky and hot. You need to watch this^^

Taylor_Made Dec 31 2015

Yes it is at the front desk in the waiting room... :-)

dhat21 - Top reviewer Dec 29 2015
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Great video with a great theme.

Geenius_ Mar 27
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Insane scenario- naturally gorgeous -no overdone makeup..perfect setup--the office.. and her going at it in that chair.. ultra sexy! when she bites her uniform top i almost lost it.. great vibe and finger play!! must have

melmud4 Dec 5 2016
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Perfect vid.... Tay makes all your naughy nurse fantasies cum true !

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Nov 22 2016
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So incredibly hot. Best place to work ever XD

jchamps Nov 5 2016
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Instead of a all-set-up artificial location, how about a real one with real exhibitionnist? If you're looking for such a video, this for you!
I hosnestly appreciate the room (I work in a hospital, and this remind me of everyday fancies, personal taste though), and Taymade1991 is really good at it!
Just as the vol 1 of this adventure, you got to see it in full HD, with it's details and noises. "Shhh! there is someone coming!"

Jay1624 Oct 31 2016
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Some videos cannot live up the part 1 this is not one of those videos part 2 was even better than part 1 I can't wait until you decide to make a part 3

Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer May 5 2016
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kinky and very naughty ;)

username1091 Apr 23 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Seriously one of my absolute favorite videos of all time, it has that amazing level of naughty and risk and to see a sexy girl doing it all... it doesn't get any better!!

thisiscool - Top reviewer Mar 20 2016
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Everything is great about this video. Great body

juanchopancho - Top reviewer Jan 29 2016
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Love how she strips and gets into it with a nice payoff at the end, that was a hot orgasm!

Hardy84 - Top reviewer Jan 19 2016
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So a amazing woman,nice body and pretty face...

Windbourne Jan 18 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Another really hot Vid. Somehow even better than the first. Those panties totally make it.

eman_41 deleted Jan 12 2016
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Always love her live shows, this was an amazing video.

deejay35 Jan 10 2016
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Awesome vid. I like the location.

theantman Jan 9 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Awesome video , definitely worth getting!

zzxnbnf2tc1 Jan 7 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Great sequel. Longer and more positions. Sensual and hot. Love to see her get off.

kmlawdog - Top reviewer Jan 5 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Wow, Such A Bad Girl. Love This Vid.

BustyLover_6 deleted Jan 3 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Really great video! And she listened to the fan comments from naughty at work vol 1 because she gets her very impressive boobs out in this video. One of my favorite videos of hers so far. Its beautiful when she cums. Naughty at work vol 3 squirt?

CoKoDick91 - Top reviewer Jan 2 2016
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overall this girl makes my dick hard

rickps88 Jan 1 2016
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Taylow is amazing in this video. She takes off her clothes while masturbate. The sound is so good. When she plays with the vibrates you can hear the sound of it inside her. In this moment you can know that she is really wet inside. Her natural boobs are gorgeous too. First they are inside that tight sexy bra, but fast she free them for she gets more confortable. All of it she do while moan with a sexy voice. In the final part she taste her delicious cum.

motoxxx Dec 29 2015
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Need to make a doctors appointment after this one

Poundtown559 Dec 28 2015
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Love her sexy ass with those panties on

Jaygee10 Dec 28 2015
●●●●● Read Review

Worth every penny. Soooo good!!

royalewifcheese Dec 21 2015
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Fantastic video. Way to make me hard for a woman in medical scrubs.

Caboose_uk - Top reviewer Dec 9 2015
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This is an amazing video. Really gives the urge to go to the doctors office after hours.

skooter2k5 - Top reviewer Dec 4 2015
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Yess. Awesome. One of her best. Those boobs tho. Perfect

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