Freebie Tuesday

Imposed Cute Kissing Followed By CBT!


Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
12:33 min - Dec 06 - .MP4 - 520.76 MB


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Wynter and Piggy have sizzling chemistry! Wynter's hair is up in pigtails again, her lips red, wearing really short denim shorts that ride further up her thick thighs as she plays with her favorite pig! Piggy is laying down on the bed completely naked and vulnerable to Wynter's every whim. She straddles him with one leg between his spread legs and holds his arms above his head with her hands, demonstrating her strength to him before she leans all the way down and imposes passionate upon him. The two make out for awhile, Wynter reaches down and starts teasing Piggy's pierced cock with her hand, pushing on his balls every so often with her knee. She starts being rougher with her hands, and pushes off of him to claw up and down his body with her pretty pink nails- even his cock isn't safe. Wynter wants more though, she wants to see him suffer more! She pulls out piggy's toy bag, showing off the cruel toys that the little pain pig provides for us! She settles on the ball crusher, of course! She loves tightening the lexan panels on Piggy's nuts slowly and with lots of teasing to his little cock. You get to see this from Piggy's POV, so you can imagine what it'd be like to have Wynter do this to your balls... She looks adorable as she smiles and giggles at his balls getting flatter... She shows the damage done, and even though she knows she can get them flatter, she STOPS there, leaving piggy (and you!) wanting more ;)