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AUDIO ONLY: My Cheating Fantasy

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The other day, we were talking about our most secret fantasies. I told you mine was a threesome. But I wasn't entirely honest... Today, I want to tell you about my REAL secret fantasy. I describe how I lie next to you whilst you're alreadyasleep in bed, fantasising about cheating on you with a man with a bigger cock. I tell you about how hard he'd fuck me, how he would stretch me out, and make me cum more than you ever could, and even make me squirt all over his dick. I describe how much I'd love to have him fill my pussy up with his huge load, and how my second biggest secret is that I'd want to come home to you and sit on your face, and make you my little clean-up cuck. Do you want to know what my biggest secret is? Well... You asked for it... ---- Check out my other cuckold vids here: --- Boys who want my attention use mark-up codes. Ale67554 (10%) Ale15889 (25%) Ale96280 (50%) Ale35137 (100%) Ale25351 (500%)

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