Chastity Foot Bitch


Cybill Troy

American / Los Angeles, CA
9:18 min - Dec 07 - .MP4 - 807.05 MB


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Arrakis84 Mar 7 2017

So damn sexy in see-through pantyhose.. like when you footfuck the guy with your feet.. especially wearing pantyhose.. would be a dream if you could penetrate your submen with your nyloned feet but not condom on.. just your sheer fabric of the nylon that separate your foot to his rectum.. if you use a lot of lube should be fine the penetration..

In order for any domestic slave to have the honor of serving in Cybill Troy's bedroom and live in the cage at the foot of her bed like a good pet, he must be locked in chastity and be able to endure the agony of being endlessly teased by the seductive beauty of his Mistress with no hope of release. Cybill calls her pet over to her bed to see how well his new chastity device quells his weakness for her feet and legs in silky sheer black pantyhose. The desperate slave will do anything to please Her, taking her perfect narrow size 8 feet down his throat as hard as she likes. Gagging him with her toes, Cybill only gets more excited the more sexually frustrated her foot slave becomes as he worships the nylon feet of his only desire.