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Santas Little Helper: Christmas Facial

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16,618 5.0
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Jellow805 Feb 2 2016

You are very beautiful and I love your sexy thick body

Piper Kush Jan 2 2016

Cutest cum covered face ever! :)

DestinyDiaz Dec 18 2015

My brand new FACIAL vid came out a couple days ago!! "Santas Little Helper" 12mins, When you purchase and review this vid in Dec 2015, you will also receive my snapchat for FREE

Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 15 2015

you are gorgeous and i gave hearts and love on your profile muahhzz! lets collaborate in a video

interested_party1 - Top reviewer Dec 14 2015
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Love her christmas videos, wish i could give her a white christmas and suck my dreidel!

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Top quality content. The only way this could have been better is if the quality were a bit higher, but I still think this was a fine performance. I would love to see more videos of Destiny finishing the job.

AUGUSTO562 Jan 16 2016
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I think I'm in love with you!❤️

mrroboto - Top reviewer Dec 27 2015
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HQ BJ video from one of the cutest girls on the site.

Cowboy68xxx deleted Dec 17 2015
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Super super sexy, really enjoyable

porkdog - Top reviewer Dec 7 2015
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Really fucking sexy. I'd take that over milk and cookies.

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I love blowjobs, big breasts, and Christmas

dope107 - Top reviewer Nov 22 2016
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An amazing bj vid! Those blow job eyes so damn hot! And when she pull out those amazing massive boobs just leaves u speechless! And takes a great facial!!!

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Sep 12 2016
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In this one Destiny emphasizes her tongue a lot by doing a lot of licking on that cock. Also this BJ is very sloppy with plenty of slobber. At one point she pulls the cock out her mouth and it is covered in spit. What makes this one great... TRULY GREAT... is the big finish though. This guy explodes shooting cum up over a foot high to cover Destiny's face! Oh, and there's a cherry on top of THIS desert and I don't mean Destiny's cute elf hat. I mean that after this awesome cumshot they play it again in slow motion!!! There's no debate on this one. It's definitely a must-have!

Long sensual b/g blow job infront of my Christmas Tree. This Naughty little ELF MILKS Santa til he shoots his hot creamy cum all over my face. We comically break character at the end because I specifically told my man to not get it in my eye in the video, and he did hahaha
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