She Ignores BJ Cum Swallowing After Dare

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A smoking hot blonde is sitting at the table when her roommate comes home and is stressed out after a long day at work. She feels bad that he is so stressed out and goes over to him to start to rub his shoulders. She then jokes that she could help him relieve stress with a blowjob. He laughs at the joke but is intrigued. They have always been friends and so he jokingly dares her to to it. She accepts the dare and leads him over to the living room where he keeps laughing about the matter. She then unzips his pants and starts to stroke and suck his cock. Thinking the dare has gone too far he tries to stop, but she continues on with the blowjob. She playfully pushes his hands out of the way and keeps stroking and sucking with no look of sexual pleasure on her face, even looking off to the sides in disinterest at times. She continues to ignore the oral sex and he does his best to ignore it as the situation has now become awkward for him. Finally, he has nature take over and cums in her mouth, which she swallows. They move then back to the table and discuss what just happened. She maintains that there was nothing sexual at all about the act as it was simply a dare that she won. He reiterates that he wants to just be friends and roommates and makes her promise to never do that again. Even though she ignored the sex act in the first place, and it meant absolutely nothing to her, she agrees. He then leaves to get a nap assuming all will go back to the way it was before the dare that went too far. Included in this clip; Ignore, Dare, Challenge, Blowjob, Handjobs, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowers, Blondes, Roommates, Ignore Sex, Ignore Blowjob