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American / Florida
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Clowny Quin introduces her best friend, Kitzi Klown, to her new inflatable friend, a spooky bat just in time for Halloween. The clown girls take turns blowing up the bat making themselves breathless from the effort. They do not stop until he is completely filled. Once he is big and strong, Kitzi and Quin fawn over him. Each clown shares her love of inflatables, how amazing the skin feels, the sound they make when they get wet and the amazing feeling of grinding on them. Quin and Kitzi take turns humping the inflatable bat loving rubbing their circus pussies on him. It's all kinky fun and naughty games until Quin becomes jealous and takes the inflatable away. CLOWNS - INFLATABLES BLOW FETISH - BREATHLESS BEAUTIES - HALLOWEEN THEME - BALLOON HUMPING - CIRCUS PUSSY - STOCKINGS - MAKE UP - FETISH CIRCUS Featuring Kitzi Klown and Miss Quin