Trick or Feet



American / Florida
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Trick or Treat! Unfortunately for Amara Noir and Miss Quin, this loser has no candy to give them. These girls are pissed! Since he has no treats for them, they will give him a trick! The girls drag him through his house, put tape on his mouth and take off their stinky boots. That's right, he's going to have to sniff their sweaty feet. Their socks are damp from going to each house in the neighborhood in search of candy. Amara and Quin remove their socks and shove their repulsive feet in his face. He does what he's told because he knows the punishment for disobeying will be far worse. SOCK SMELLING - BAREFOOT - SMOTHER - FEMALE SUPREMACY - FOOT BITCH - HALLOWEEN THEME - BRAT GIRLS - DOMINATION Featuring Amara Noir, Jason Ninja and Miss Quin