Pouring Oil On My Body and Oily Cum

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Miss Paige

American / USA
965 4.9
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littletxxx21 Dec 10 2015

When you purchase video, is it one time view or do I own it forever?

Cattie Dec 10 2015

It becomes immediately available for download and you will have access to download it again if needed forever.

littletxxx21 Dec 10 2015

Oh my goodness. That perfecrly oiled booty :)

bigzip62 Jun 16
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Very nice love the angles she's so beautiful don't regret my purchase definitely I'd buy again

Gator13 May 12 2017
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Great video of a perfect lady. If this doesn't make you cum, there is something wrong!

rubiconman Jan 25 2017
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Paige's baring of such a sensual, erotic moment is worth far more than the price-tag she placed on it. The quality of the video itself, natural beauty of Paige, and the seeming ease of Paige's ability to seduce make this clip well deserving of a purchase. Would love to see more like this.

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Paige is undoubtedly the epitome of female sexiness and she demonstrates why she is the most attractive girl on the internet in this video. A must watch.

Dunce_Returns deleted - Top reviewer Mar 2 2016
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I love this video, this woman is a phenomenal beauty, her body is incredible, her sensuality is top notch, and I just love watching her masturbate, this video is definitely one of my favorites.

2shoes92 - Top reviewer Dec 10 2015
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You have such a gorgeous body then when you rub the oil all over it, makes your body look so damn hot...perfection! the ass shake and cum in this video will make anyone enjoy this one.

I start out pouring oil on my body and rubbing in, then I take my big glass toy and cover it in oil and play with it until I cum.