Hot neighbor small dick encouragment


AJ Jupiter

American / California
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So, I have a confession. I didn't invite you over to my place to give you mail of yours that came to the wrong address like last time... I invited you over on a more personal level. To get right to it, those cool bamboo blinds that you use in your bedroom, they might look fine during the day, but at night when you have your lights on, I can see right through them. I've noticed that you have a particularly small cock. Don't worry! I'm not judging you, I just want to say that I've also noticed you don't have girls over. Is it because you're insecure about your penis size? Because that's bullshit! Lots of girls LOVE small cocks, and well, I'm one of them. I think that if you're able to appreciate your own body more, you'll feel more confident about bringing girls home. So, I'm going to strip out of my clothes and tell you exactly how to play with your little dick for me, because I want to help you and I'd love to see you cum.