Freebie Tuesday

Sneaking a Peek Under the XXXmas Tree

408 5.0

Jalisa Elite

American / Hell
408 5.0
20:40 min - Dec 11 2015 - .MP4 - 612.00 MB


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krv1999 Jun 23 2016
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another one of my personal favorite videos from her and you can really tell she put a lot of effort into this one trust me it is worth the buy and if you are smart enough to buy it you will see why

I couldn't help it, there was one present under the XXXmas tree and I knew it was mine. I've been good so I can be naughty this once and open the present early, right?? Inside are 3 toys that result in 2 very strong orgasms. Merry XXXmas

Jalisa Elite

American / Hell
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