Daddy knock me up watch me panty stuff


AJ Jupiter

American / California
12:55 min - Dec 11 - .MP4 - 835.03 MB


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You said I could have what I want for my birthday, so I've made my mind up. You'll be giving it to me a little early, but really, I'll have to wait nine months for it anyway... That's right, Daddy, I want you to knock me up. I know you think of me as your little girl, but I'm not so little anymore! Look, I have some hair down there, and these breasts aren't that little, are they? Please, Daddy? My pussy can handle you, I promise. It's so wet all the time, and it's so ready for you to be my very first! Watch, I'll prove it to you that my pussy is ready. I can fit my whole thongs inside. If I do, will you finally knock me up, and really make me yours?