Natalie Kitty in Blowing the Stockbroker

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Kitty is playing quietly with her work colleague, who stopped by after office hours to have Kitty sign some papers. She reminds him, in between her tongue's trips up and down his cock, that her roommate Natalie is home, and they should try not to wake her up. Just then, Natalie ventures out in her sexy, silky robe to see what's going on. After watching for a few seconds, she comes across the room and is eager to join in the fun. The ladies take turns enjoying his nice balls and his shaft, swallowing him down, and kissing each other. This guy very much enjoys the sharing of the love, but especially when Natalie deep throats him one second and passionately kisses Kitty the next. As Kitty tells him how she'd love to see him squirt on Natalie's face, he shoots a big stream into her roommate's open mouth and it runs out all over her lips and chin. Kitty's colleague is really glad they woke up Natalie!