59. Daddy

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1,825 5.0
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Urballsux - Top reviewer Jun 18 2016
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Watched again, this doesn't get old!!!
The first thing she does gets daddy going, then she gets into doggy style to show daddy the wet spot she made on her panties!!! She then pulls them aside to show her gorgeous juicy pussy mound!!! She teases daddy so much then proceeds to fuck herself as daddy watches until she orgasms!!! She then wants even more and starts to tease her asshole

hvictor Feb 15 2016
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A high quailty video is nothing new for Harper. She's a woman of many gift, many of which involve her vagina. I'm not normally a fan being called daddy, but after hearing Harper say it I was instantly hooked.Everything about this video was amazing. My only critique is that I would have preferred a little more dirty talk, but it's not something Harper normally does so I'm happy with what I got!

Will you be my daddy? Dirty talk, BJ, riding dildo, close ups, and a try at anal