Freebie Tuesday

Sober Up

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I have been up all night worried sick about my son. He never stays out this late without calling me. I sat in his room all night waiting up for him. Finally I heard him stumble in after 5 am. I left his room, to find him lying in my bed. He is so fucked up. He does not even realize he is not in his own bed. I confronted him and he just laughed. You are not too old for an ass spanking young man! I pulled down his pants and started spanking his but until it was red. But I was not finished there, I was going to sober him up before his dad got home. I sat right on his face so he would shut up. I know its not conventional, but I wanted to teach him a lesson. I could feel his cock harden and I could not resist the urge to suck it, I know its not right but it has been a long time since I had any cock and I wanted to my son to learn from this mistake. I bent over doggiestyle and made him fuck me and he sobered up pretty quickly. I bet he will never stay out all night again.