My Big Booty Sister II

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I woke up this morning to find a floor mat set up in the living room. What the hell, my big sister is always up to something. I laid down on the couch and began to watch tv, when she walks in the room and bends her big ass right in front of me. I tell her to move and she completely ignores me. She is making plans with her friends and not even paying me any attention. I kick her ass out of the way and she kicks me back. Get out of the way fat ass, I am trying to watch tv I said. She hits me and tells me to leave because her friends are coming over to do yoga. I laughed and she got pissed off and we began to wrestle. I did not mind though because my sister is hot and she has a huge ass. She sits on my face and I get hard. I have been fantasizing about my sisters big ass for years. I have been waiting for the right moment to stick my face in her fat pussy. I rip her shorts off and throw her up against the wall and grind her ass. We fall to the floor and wrestle until I pull her panties off and bury my face in her wet juicy pussy. She struggles at first but then she starts to like it. She thrust her hips and grabs my head closer to her clit. I get on top of her and she begs for my cock. I finally got my sister right where I want her, right between her big thick thighs and my cock inside of her. I pound my sisters pussy and she grabs her tits in ecstasy. I fuck her hard and she forgets all about our relationship and how much she cannot stand me. At this moment she is completely mine. All of our hate turns into passion for each other and we fuck until I cum all in her pussy giving her a creampie. That was amazing brother, Madisin says as she plays with the cum dripping out of her pussy. Oh, shit, what was that, there was a knock at the door, fuck its mom and dad!!!