Giantess Puts You In Her Panty Drawer HD


Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
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Piper Kush Dec 15 2015

*** I can't wait to see what you miniscule little flecks of scum think of this video! Giantess Piper's ass looks fabulous from your perspective if I do say so myself :P ***

Goddess Piper has shrunken you down and grown so tall she makes you completely insignificant. She's going to crush you down even further, maggot. Turning you into a pitiful lifeless speck of goo, taking her long powerful legs crushing you beneath her Giantess heels! After she makes you small and puny she takes you into her hands and puts you in her panty drawer live with her lingerie, stockings and panties. To be completely forgotten about until she chooses to play with you.