You Are Caught Now Eat It

582 5.0

Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
582 5.0
13:17 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 476.60 MB


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fixy_1 - Top reviewer Dec 28 2015
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If this is the punishment for spying on you then I want to do it every chance I get! If you're into some playful cei this is a great video.

You have been spying on Ashley thru the crack in her bedroom door while she changes clothes and have a massive boner. You creep in when she goes around the corner to see what she is doing next and she sees you and notices the big hard on in your pants. She knows exactly what you've been doing from the looks of your erection. She asks if you were spying while she changed clothes! You admit to it and she is fine with it. She actually wants to see you cum while you look at her. She gets undressed and fingers her tight pussy while you masturbate! The only condition as you almost reach climax is that you have to eat your cum in front of her. You want to climax so bad that you agree and go thru with it! She tells you it gets easier to swallow each time and that there WILL be more of where that came from.