My Friends Mom Pops Our Red Balloon



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Balloon story with scenes acted out. After my friend's birthday party, my friend and I played with a red balloon that was left over from the party. Her mom was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess, and we were batting, heading, and kicking the balloon to each other. The balloon kept going everywhere, but we didn't care. At some point, her mom said, "If you want to play with the balloon, take it to your room." The balloon was so big... and her room was so small... so we just kept playing with it in the living room. A little while later, her mom walked back in, and grabbed the red balloon. She looked at us and said, "I told you both something. Do you want this balloon popped?" We both shook our heads, no. She said, "Then go play with it in your room!" We went played with it in the side of the room, but we didn't stop. Her mom came in once more. Grabbed the balloon and told us to sit down. She said, "Why aren't you playing with the balloon in your room?" My friend told her that her room was too small. Her mom said, "Do you prefer that I pop it? Do you think I won't?" Her mom got up, and left for a second. She came back with a needle. We both looked at each other, and didn't know what to say. She said, "Do you see what I am holding? Do you know what is going to happen next?" We both said.... sorry... Her mom said, "Do you think that because this is a big balloon that I won't pop it?" She gently pressed the needle into the balloon until it popped!