Pop Every Single Balloon



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Balloon Story: My daughter had a few balloons left after a party. She played with them constantly. Since there were so many balloons, they ended up everywhere. This made me constantly upset. I would go to her room, and see the balloons on the floor. Once time, I saw a balloon on the floor. I put my leg on it and said, "Why are the balloons on the floor again?" She got the message, and tried to pay more attention. She hung up 3 of the balloons with a string, and played with the other 5. Another time, I came in and saw one balloon on the floor. I didn't think twice about it, and I stomp popped it. Emily got so scared. I looked at her and said, "Next time, I am popping all of them!" She definitely paid more attention after that, I think she tried to make sure no balloons were on the floor. I came home one day, and she must have left the window open because all 4 balloons were scattered across the living room floor. I was so upset! I walked to each balloon and stomp popped them one after another. I looked at her and said, "I am not finished..." I went to her room, and started fiddling with the strings that the balloons were hanging with. She said, not all of them!!! I said, "Yes, all of them! Every single balloon! I am popping them all, and there will be no more balloons." I took down the balloons. Brought them to the living room and stomp popped each of them.