Mommy spanking son



Estonian / Estonia
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I have a HAND/MOMMY-BABYSITTER/SPANKING Fetish and would be grateful for a POV-style clip as described below. You are my mommy/babysitter and I've been a naughty boy. You tell me you're going to spank me using your strong spanking hand. You then show me your hand in various arm positions (front, side, upwards view, etc) waist up view.. You tell me you have lots of experience spanking naughty little and you hate bratty little boys (but enjoy spanking them). VERY IMPORTANT: Please pay close attention to your hand position is this is very important to me.....palm open and fully flexed with fingers together and bent backward and thumb out (please see example photo attached). You turn me over your knee and start to scold me (looking down at the across your lap) always holding your fully flexed hand like you're getting ready to spank. Please use words like "Naughty/bad little boy" "Mommy's going to spank hard and make you cry", "I hate bad little ", etc. Please show lots of anger and rage in your face. If you have a baby/boy doll to use as a prop-that's great. Just please always have your hand/arm and angry face in view. Many thanks.