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4,994 5.0
4,994 5.0
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japaneseghoul Jun 13 2016
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lulu is a sweet and passionate cam girl. Her and her videos deserve more attentions :D

DeadRamones Feb 19 2016
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This is just an all-around awesome masturbation video, and a great first clip from Lulu. It starts off a bit slow, but still really sexy with Lulu teasing the camera. Then about a quarter of the way in Lulu starts really getting into it and just continues for the rest of the video. Her moaning is really sexy and she might just have one of the most adorable faces I've ever seen, which makes for a great combination with the super sexy facial expression she makes when masturbating. When she looks right into the camera with those eyes of hers, your heart might just skip a beat. All in all, this is a great video that I highly recommend.

My very first time masturbating in-front of a camera. Doing so, for your pleasure as much as mine, with a bunny vibrator
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