Open Wide Cum Dumpster - HD

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I know you love jerking that cock for me, you cant help it. You spend all day sitting at your computer obsessing over me. You tell yourself that this will be the last clip but it wont. Too bad you didn't give up last time because today I have something great in store for you. Now start jerking that cock hard for me! Good boy I know you think about eating your own cum for months but you haven't. You get so close but back away. Today you are going to drink it all for me, your own personal creampie! Ya that's right bitch. Keep stroking it, don't stop! Think about me running my tongue up and down it, getting it nice and wet. Too bad you are too much of a loser for that! Oh yes getting close huh bitch, put those legs up and cum right in that mouth of yours! Hold it there and really taste it, now swallow it bitch! - Mikayla