Karin The Perv Gueisha

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1,456 4.0
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Muse4554 Jan 21 2016
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Well, the video is certainly arousing. Karin, once again, flaunts her spectacular body to the pleasure of the viewer, and the sounds she makes keep attention on her as she works her body, between those subtle moans and soft gasps. The sound quality isn't perfect, you can hear some of that buzz that one gets when the volume is turned up too loud and the sound is putting the speakers on the fritz, but it's not too bad an issue (I was listening with 50mm headphones) and you can definitely hear how wet Karin is as she toys with herself. On that note, her choice of music is definitely interesting. In an industry all but defined by music setting the mood, an industry dominated by rhythmic rap, the hard beats of metal, or cliche sensual waves, Karin went with a track you might find as the backdrop to a fantasy movie. It fits the geisha concept well enough, though it could be more Asiatic, but, considering the cosplay isn't full-on geisha, it certainly serves its purpose and I think was a welcome change of pace musically.

Do you ever wanted to fuck a Gueisha? Now it's yout time! I finger myself and use a glass dildo til cum, and trust me... it gets more than wet *yummy*. PS: I used two different cameras, the logitech cam and a pro nikon, so the quality may change a little, but both great! :)