Spiteful Exs Christmas Gift

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Your ex-girlfriend, Xev, has always been mind blowing in the sack, the best you've ever had in fact. But she was also a little... unhinged. The great sex wasn't enough to stay with her, so you broke it off. Ever since, you've been craving her skilled mouth working your cock... milking your balls... one last time. Needless to say, it was a surprise when you found Xev sneaking into your house wearing what appeared to be your dress shirt and a pair of fishnet stockings. Seeing her again reawakened all of those built up urges and your cock instinctively hardened. It didn't help that she was also moving so seductively... was she coming onto you? Xev claimed that she was simply returning a shirt you left at her place... and began slowly unbuttoning the one she was wearing. There was more to her visit, you were sure of it... that familiar look in her eye. Her intentions became clear as she shrugged off the large dress shirt to expose her juicy curves, accentuated with bright red lingerie. Your ex smiled and admitted that she wanted to spread some holiday cheer. You were both mature adults and could still have fun even after such a turbulent break up. You knew better than this... but your cock did not. Xev could see right through you, she knew just how much you missed her skilled, wet tongue and warm, soft lips. It would be rude to decline a Christmas gift like this, even from an emotionally stunted ex-girlfriend. Just one blow job, how could this possibly go wrong? Oh... how mistaken you were. Fantasy includes: ruined orgasm, licking, edging, blow job, GFE, strip tease, lingerie, fishnets, pov