He Offered Up His Wife

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With Sarah Brooke In 1280x720x6000kbps High Quality HD for a stunning clear download. Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Big Boobs, Chair Tie, Elbow Bondage, Big Ball Gag, Big Tits, Hogtied, Hogtie, Spanking, Fighting, Red Head After a long weekend in Vegas he was down bad. He had been hiding because his gambling debt was coming do. He only had half the money and had to come up with a plan. His wife was cute with big tits and long red hair. He thought if maybe he sent her to pay up his debt would be better. He rights a letter to the bookie explaining what was going on. He tells the bookie that if this was not good enough that he could have his wife for the weekend. He sends her with a packed bag just encase. In the bag was a bunch of rope and some slutty clothing. He tells her not to pay know attention to whats in the bag. Just make sure the bookie gets the envelope. After a long drive his wife arrives at the house. The bookie is expecting her and she goes on in. With out saying a word the women hands the envelope to the bookie. The women reads it and just looks at the women and tells her looks like we are going to have some fun for the weekend. The women can't believe it. She says my husband would never do this to me. She turns to leave and the bookie grabs her. The fight was on and the women wasn't going easy. She kicks and knees her in the stomach. She smacks her in the face before throwing her down on the coach. She was tying her hands behind her back when the main guy comes in and see's the envelope. He counts the money and see's it's only half there. The women begs them to let her go. He just looks at her and laughs. He tells her your not going anywhere. That your ours for the weekend, After a long struggle they leave her hogtied on the coach to figure out what they are going to do with her. A short while later the bookie comes back to put her out. They take her to the bedroom and strip her. Taking the slutty clothes that her husband left in the bag and put them on the bed. The next morning the women awakes scared realizing she is naked. She see's the clothing on the bed and has know choice but to put them on. About the time she is done the women walks in and see's she is awake. She grabs her and once again the women fights her. The guy comes in and between the two of them they over power her and drags her across the house. They shove her in a chair and tell her to be calm. They tell her that she is going to spend a lot of time there today. The women bookie ties her in the chair. She takes her top off to expose her big tits. The women screams through the gag. She just can't believe this is happening to her. The bookie wants to see drool and plans on making miss prim and proper spill her saliva all over her self. She puts nipple clamps on her and makes her scream. She tells her you will drool or else. The women leaves the captured red head in the chair. She struggles to free herself getting one hand loose. She takes one of the clamps off which causes her to moan into the gag. She works on the other hand and and get's it free, She takes the other clamp off and moans again. Standing up she get's her legs free. But it was to late. The bookie heard her cries and catches her at the door. They fight again but this time the women was no match. She was thrown on the coach and the guy spanks her making her count every slap. He Grabs her by the hair and tells the women bookie to put her back in the chair. He tells her you don't know how to stay that he would make sure of it this time. Sarah is available for custom video work. Shoot me an email to order yours today. (clip is 11:06 in duration) To enjoy all my video's for one low price check out Brendas Bound Dot Com today. Brought to you by BrendasBound Productions