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Bimbo Strip Tease

2,886 4.8


American / Las Vegas, NV
2,886 4.8
4:39 min - Jan 01 - .MP4 - 510.80 MB
lonetech - Top reviewer May 22
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This is an awesome strip teaser I've seen by far. Had me wanting to get the other half.

Do it! The other half is even better! ^_~ And thank you for the awesome review!

RaverGIJoe - Top reviewer Jan 4 2017
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Nice high quality strip tease by a sexy blonde

Sensual bimbo strip tease! I don't do striptease style videos often (this is only my second one ever!) so get it while you can! This is the first half of a two part bimbo video. Make sure to collect them both!
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American / Las Vegas, NV
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