Blindfolded Sensual BJ and Facefuck Pt 2



American / Las Vegas, NV
3:53 min - Jan 22 - .MP4 - 377.30 MB


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small1sh Feb 4 2016

Hot BJ action!

ReverendFetish Feb 17 2016

Thank you darling! ^_~

I love showing you just how good you've trained your little cock slave to be. I hungrilly lick and suck your cock, using my hands to bring you closer and closer to orgasm. You've covered my eyes with your tie, so you have to lead and direct me. You have no trouble taking control of my little fuck hole and pumping your cock between my lips. You burst in my mouth without warning and I try to get away, but you hold me there, making me take every drop of your hot cum. I'll be your cum slut whether I like it or not! At the end I let the cum drip from my lips and it spills down onto my tits and black blouse. (Don't forget Part 1 from last week!)