Merry XMas Everyone!!!

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188 5.0
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goneto69 Jan 11 2016

Happy Sexy New Year, Love your video!!!

gangsta_cat - Top reviewer Feb 6 2016
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Laura seductively strips in this amazing piece of erotica.The outfit looks like it was made for her and special mention to the garter belt hugging those perfect hips that frame that gorgeous ass.Laura is the real deal !!!! Buy the vid you won't be disappointed :) !0/10

samyyy Jan 29 2016
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What can I say.....A very sexy teaseeeeeeeee:) Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goneto69 Jan 16 2016
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WOW So hot and Sexyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Love those stockings covered legs, garter belt and heels ;p

OzQuoll Mar 1 2016
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Mmmmmmmmmmm Santa baby, please bring me Miss Laura in polka dots and sexy lingerie - and in nothing more !

I've no need for a stocking. I'll take Laura as she comes.


want24ubad May 17 2016
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Beautiful body, very sensual....perfect.

Just before I get into My New Santa Gift Costume, I had to show off how hot my Stockings and big classy garter belt look and made me feel:) So ready to be a good bad naughty and kinky girl:P Teasing you and me:) Enjoy!