2014- Holiday Special- All 4 Clips

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Get our Fell-On Productions family 2014 Christmas Special at a huge over 75% discounted price for all four clips. Staring Madisin Lee, Melanie Hicks, and Yesenia Sparkles. Part 1 (Mother and Daughter Decorate More than the Christmas Tree): This taboo family is in the holiday spirit. MILF Mom (Madisin Lee), Sister (Yesenia Sparkles), and brother (Freddie Cee) are gathered around decorating the Christmas tree. Every time this MILF leaves to go get more decorations, brother and sister make out. When she comes back with more decorations the second time around Madisin remembers that the lights are out in the shed, so it will take mommy a while before she comes back. Naughty little sister Yesenia decides to suck her brothers cock. As she is sucking him off, mom Madisin walks in unexpectedly and catches them. This horny housewife slut wants some of the action. She demands that both of them keep doing what they were doing. Madisin joins in and they eventually decide to take the Decorating to her bedroom. As this MILF sucks on her son’s hard cock, little sister sits on his face. Mom eventually climbs on Freddie and starts fucking him while little sis remains planted on his face. After a good fucking they trade places. This hot threesome doesn't end there. Freddie stands on the side of the bed while he fucks Madisin doggystyle. As he is deep penetrating mommy, she is eating out Yesenia's pussy. He pounds away until he decides to call in his little sister so she doesn't miss any of the action. With both mother and daughter on all fours on the bed, he starts fucking his sister doggy. He alternates between the two several times, until he final explodes deep inside mommy, giving her a creampie. Part 2 (Christmas Checkup): MILF Mom, Madisin Lee, goes to checkup on her son during the family's annual Christmas party. She is willing to do anything for her momma’s boy who is in bed sick with a fever. He wants to see what is under mommy's red dress. Mom agrees and they start to 69. Eventually, Madisin rides his cock until he cum's making him feel much better. Part 3 (Auntie's Christmas Gift): The Christmas party is still going on and Freddie is stuck sick in bed. His auntie, the hot and sexy, Melanie Hicks, comes to checkup on him and to give him his Christmas gift. When he open's up her gift, he sees that they are sex position dice. He never realized that his auntie was a sex addict like his mom. He asks her to play and she agrees, admitting that she has always wanted some young cock. They fuck until he cum's inside of her, giving his Auntie a creampie as a Christmas gift. Part 4 (Sister Blackmailed Me): After fucking his mom, Madisin Lee, in Christmas Checkup, then his auntie, Melanie Hicks, in Aunties Christmas Gift, you think Freddie would be tired. After all, this is all going on during the annual family Christmas party and the house is full of guest. Feeling jealous and left out his sister, Yesenia Sparkles, walks in the room. She has her holiday nighty on and is ready for some action. She knows that her brother is just playing sick so he can get a mercy fuck from other family members. She sees the sex dice that his auntie bought him for Christmas and calls him out on it. This sexy naughty little sister is very horny. She blackmails her brother into fucking him by telling him that she will tell daddy that he has been fucking mom and auntie. Freddie agrees to a quick fuck. They play the sex dice and he fucks his little sister in different positions until he blows a load over her.