X-Mas Eve Worship - HD

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There you are my loser! Oh you come bearing gifts, good. Hand it over. Your wife better not be getting gifts like this. She better be getting coal. I deserve everything. I love taking all of your money. The perfect home wrecker. You may kiss my feet for getting me this gift. I figure it’s the holidays and I’m feeling very joyful. Lucky you bitch boy. Maybe I will give you a pair of my stockings as a little gift. I love teasing the living shit out of you. I love the fact that I can be that spoiled little bitch and you love it! I can do anything I want. Imagine If I told your wife everything about us, imagine how pissed she would feel that you spend every penny on me and not her. Hold on let me get the phone. “Hello? Oh hey! I am just torturing my little gift boy right now. You want to take me out on a holiday? Well You can go out with me and my gf. You guys can compete each weekend with a nice holiday. Book it and email me the confirmation number when it’s booked. Bye slave!” Well my li