Jerk for my Dirty stinky socked feet



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Can you smell my feet throught my sneakers? I bet you can! I want to tease you a little bit until you beg me to take off my shoes. How do you think my socks look like? My feet are very sweaty and smelly. My socks are disgusting! I'll take off my shoes now. Eeew, it smells really bad! You like that vinegar smell? I know it makes your cock hard. Go ahead, stroke it! I love watching you masturbate for my nasty socks. You love putting them in your face so go ahead, come closer and take a big whiff. I love making you to smell my stinky feet and moving my big socked feet in front of your face. How many days do you think I've been wearing these socks? I'm gonna continue wearing them for you, I want the fabric to get completely saturated with my sweat. I want you to continue to stroke and cum. But you are not allowed to cum until my socks are completely off my feet. I'm gonna remove my socks slowly. If you think you are about to cum you have to stop. Keep smelling my stinky socks and feet. You can't resist the overpoweing nasty smell of my feet. Now that my feet are bare, I want you to keep sniffing between each one of my toes. I want you to cum for my smelly feet!