Gias 17 Inch B2P


Fifi Foxx

American / Florida
9:35 min - Feb 6 2016 - .MP4 - 556.72 MB


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Gia smiles, stretching the latex to her 17" pink balloon. She explains that she plans on blowing a really big balloon for a really loud pop. Once the latex is stretched, she inflates the balloon with her hot breath, and watches as it expands. She stops to run her fingers across the latex, and feel the tightened balloon between her hands. She teases you, letting you know it could pop at any second, and then continues to blow it bigger. As the balloon inflates, Gia finds it harder to blow into. The balloon becomes tight and full, but she keeps blowing, admiring how big and round it gets. She notices the neck stretching, and smiles, wondering if it'll pop with just a few more breaths. She lies back and continues blowing, "Any second now..." The neck of the balloon becomes huge, and she squeezes it, giggling. When she least expects it, the latex explodes with her breath, and the shreds fly everywhere.