Home Wrecker Cums on Her As Hubby Shows

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A smoking hot blonde is sitting on her bed and talking to her friend on the phone. She is talking about how she has been separated from her husband for some time now and that he is coming to get her for dinner so they can try to work things out. After she makes a jerk off sign, it is apparent that someone is in the room with her. It turns out that it is her roommate Stacey. But, even though her husband thinks Stacey is a girl he is in fact all man and has made a deal with his roommate to trade sex for rent. Realizing this is about to end he wants one more cumload and all but blackmails her into it. She starts to tease him with upskirt shots, but is getting mad. She covers the phone and tells him to hurry. He says he needs some help and she gets him on the bed to give him a handjob. She gets off the phone and tells her roommate this is the last time. He then says he needs to fuck her real quick so he can cum. She agrees, but only if he does not cum on her skirt. She is all ready to go out after she puts her panties on and she wants no cum anywhere. He agrees and then snuggles in behind her in the spoon position and starts fucking her. She then calls her husband and tells Stacey to hurry up. He pumps away while gabbing her big tits all while she is on the phone and she covers up the phone again to say hurry. He flips her on her back and pounds away more. After a bit of that it is back to the spoon position. She is getting angry now and tells him to hurry. He finally gives a look like he is going to cum and she tells him not on her. But, he sits up and shoots his cumshot all over her skirt, belly, and bare cunt. To make matters worse, her husband has arrived to take her out. She is furious and Stacey then picks up the panties next to her and tries to wipe up all his cum. This really gets her angry and she realizes this was a deliberate home wrecker attempt on his part. He leaves and she wipes the cum in the best she can, then puts the cum soaked panties on and hopes for the best with her husband as she has no time to clean up or change. Included in this clip: Home Wrecker, Spoon Fucking, Missionary, Roommate, Blackmail, Blondes, Cumshot, Panty Fetish, Upskirt, Cum on Skirt, Unwanted Cumshot, High Heels