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9,247 4.9
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nfriend1 Nov 21 2016
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Let your imagination run wild.
Let softerroses get you in the mood with her innocent voice. Because it's audio only it's very discreet which let's you close you eyes and let your imagination run wild, it's definitely something that gets you in the mood or something you can put on one once wake up.

RubinF23 - Top reviewer Apr 12 2017
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Amazing audio porn

Iceybergslim Jan 13 2017
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The sweetest, sexiest,and just an Absolute babe!!! She is all you can imagine and more.

krusty1830 Oct 22 2016
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The aussie accent is god damn sexy
definitely knows how to turn you on without even having to show you what i am sure is a smoking hot body....

VeganFap deleted Jan 30 2016
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we're spending the morning in bed together, daddy.. i start by sucking your cock, begging for you to fuck me, getting a hard spanking & cumming even harder. narrating in explicit detail how it feels with my sweet soft australian accent. AUDIO ONLY. i find audio porn lets your imagination run wild. so find a quiet place, some headphones, turn the volume up & close your eyes...listen to me whimper, moan & talk dirty.
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