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18,072 4.9

Asiri Stone

American / The Nether
18,072 4.9
10:16 min - Dec 26 - .WMV - 309.82 MB - 864x480


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scott583 Dec 28 2015

do u do custom vids hun ;p

Asiri Stone Dec 30 2015

not currently ! thank you for asking !!

Wow! those breasts! x

davidsteel36 deleted Dec 26 2015

any more video to comes

Asiri Stone Dec 27 2015

I definitely plan on making more !!!

mousecopfrank Dec 30 2015
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great video!!! Her orgasm gets me off every time!

DuoShi Jan 2 2016
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Overall, I liked the video. The strip and the pussy play felt a little rushed, but the dildo action was great. In the future, it would pay off to explore extra filming angles.

Hardy84 - Top reviewer Dec 30 2015
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Very hot,sexy and pretty woman...awesome!I love it! :P

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It's a powerful video that goes hard and I adore that!

Jzerosk deleted - Top reviewer Mar 11
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Asiri you are so damn beautiful and I'm so glad I got this video! I absolutely adore you and I'm definitely gonna get more from you!

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What a Beauty...Absolutely incredible!!!

Richland699 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 6 2016
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Beautiful girl. Awesome video. Must buy.

BMorris002 Sep 6 2016
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First Video I bought of Kittiesauce, money well spent if you ask me. Best Cam Model ever!

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