Brat Makes You Her Bitch


Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
13:24 min - Dec 27 - .MP4 - 537.80 MB


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I already have you wrapped around My little finger. So when I tell you to come over and entertain Me and you waste no time! I convince you to please Me by getting you to drop your drawers for Me so I can take pictures of you, coercing you into slutty little positions and showing Me your cock! After I have the pics I start to toy with you threatening to send the pictures to your Boss and everyone you know! I make you smack your cock and stroke it for My amusement! All while I call you degrading names (faggot, bitch, loser, etc.) and teasing you with My perfection! I make you finger fuck your asshole as you stroke your cock - making you cum a huge, sticky load into your hand to lick and slurp it all up (every drop!) for your Princess! Then I throw your pants at you letting you know what the next step in serving Me is before kicking you out.