Sucking for Cum Start to Finish 2 Loads

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American / Tampa, FL
25,992 5.0
3:42 min - Dec 27 2015 - .AVI - 804.98 MB


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PavlovsWhore Feb 9 2016

Thank you so much everyone! I sincerely appreciate every comment, review, heart... All of it. Love you guys! <3

WyldThingsXXX deleted Jan 14 2016

good stuff here hun..... sent you some hearts

rickyk138 Mar 29 2016
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Awesome video cloe! 5 stars all the way around! Im in tampa till friday are you going out to play anywhere i would love to be able to meet you at the theater!

raven2016 Apr 20 2016
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Incredible how she receives all that cum while she really enjoys it!!! Beautiful face, beautiful eyes!!! I love Cloe!!

xdragon185 Apr 13 2016
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An excellent video at an excellent price. Definitely a must-buy.

slaughter35 Dec 28 2015
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Cloe is the literal best. If you're looking for a review to see whether this is worth getting, stop wasting your time and just get the video!!! Please keep em cumming Cloe!!!

PavlovsWhore Apr 6 2016

Thank you so, so much, Howardo! I can't tell you how much this made me smile - and don't you worry about a thing, there will absolutely be more.

bennymofo May 18 2016
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Always has an eager smile when it cums to receiving cum. Great lighting and wonderful slow motion. there is a reason why i purchase vids from PavlovsWhore, excellence in video, excellence in getting me off.

aznassasin Mar 8 2016
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Wow this video is amazing! So fucking hot

PavlovsWhore Mar 9 2016

Thank you so much azn! I always love hearing back from you guys because this is truly what I love to do. You da best

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Cloe is the hottest young woman on ManyVids & Chaturbate.You really can tell that she loves what she is doing.Also she is the best cocksucker around and she is the best at taking a big load on her face.I will be buying all of her vids because i can't get enough of Cloe Palmer.She is amazing at what she dose and just by looking at her i get turned on.So if you like amazing cocksucking &Bukkake Cloe vids are the one you should buy.

Shcock6 Aug 20
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Her enthusiastic talents are obviously appreciated by these guys. I know I appreciate watching!

Marck1022 - Top reviewer Aug 3
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wery nice i like slomo

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Something sexy about a lady at a gloryhole taking loads and smiling while she does it! Great vid!

oq____69 - Top reviewer Aug 1 2016
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Love the Raw style of The vids and the POV ... We are in the Box with you ... Love it

miguelangelito - Top reviewer Jul 26 2016
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I seem nobody likes more blowjobs than Cloe. Here is with two at the time. You receive what you are looking for.

interested_party1 - Top reviewer Jul 2 2016
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Fantastic, can't wait for more!

johnfromli Jun 15 2016
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An amazing video from top-to-bottom. One of many incredible GH videos. I want to collect them all!

bluebeachchicken May 18 2016
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Always an A+ performance and always so sexy ;) I'm addicted to your vids :)

DarkKing2000 May 14 2016
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Chloe is one beautiful awesome girl to watch in action! You know she is enjoying every sec of it! Those eyes will draw you in and that mouth wont let you go:) Truly a wonderful girl to watch! Buy her vids!! You wont be sorry!!

phunball May 12 2016
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So damn sexy with two big loads of cum filling your cute little mouth! Then like any good girl would do, you make it disappear :)

jreigns deleted - Top reviewer May 6 2016
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10/10 2 thumbs up :) Pavlovs Whore always brings something extra to her videos with is not to say just sitting there and making guys blow loads over you in her case isn't hard considering how gorgeous she is, but in this vid particularly she's rather exciting IMO.;) oh yes.

Few things are more rewarding after a long day at school than getting to play at the local adult theater. Spontaneity is the spice of life, after all - marking the beginning of my "sommelier" cum-guzzling career, watch as I drain two cocks from start to finish, holding the semen of one in my mouth while milking the other. Nothing makes me feel more exhilarated than having an enormous load of paint coating my face


American / Tampa, FL
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