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The Traveling Salesman

5 4.8

Cazzy Kush

American / USA
5 4.8
14:46 min - Dec 27 2015 - .MP4 - 500.80 MB
lonetech - Top reviewer May 23
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This drawback/wayback story telling has an old-tyme feel plus she has an awesome voice for it.

Thank you darling 💋

peecee2 - Top reviewer May 29 2016
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Neat piece of history!

Cazzy Kush May 29 2016

Yes it is, a piece of history I am glad I own and was able to share with everyone :) Even though I added  a cute touch to the reading to make it a little more enticing given that "paper porn" is now technically dead I feel it still has it's place in the history of porn. I am so happy you enjoyed it and thank you so much for giving it a chance :D

Cazzy Kush May 12 2016

Thank you darling :x, yes for it being just a vintage cartoon porn reading it's not to bad lol ;)

Reading and showing by me of my booklet "The Traveling Salesman and the Farmers Daughter" Published and illustrated in 1935 by FartGold Bros found by me when I was 9yrs old, my first ever porn, I have kept this naughty booklet for 22yrs now. This NSFW XXX booklet is almost 100yrs old. Lets take a step back into history and have a good laugh.....Enjoy!