Surprise Squirt

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6,585 5.0
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NudeBabe Feb 4 2016

Hey love, Hey beautiful I left you tons of hearts, lets do a video togather.. muahhzzz

chrispbacon_88 deleted - Top reviewer Apr 19 2016
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Really sexy video, loved the squirting.

EvokerRage deleted Apr 8 2017
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loved it

BrandonEvers Mar 17 2017
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The music sets the perfect mood for this video. And the candlelight illuminates Lucy brilliantly. Maybe it was the candleight, but somehow her body art looked even more beautiful than usual. Another genuine and high quality work of art. Buy this video, you are gauranteed to love it.

kinggeedorah - Top reviewer Feb 8 2017
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I loooove the color of this video. Lucy always creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Robbierayhey Oct 24 2016
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One of my favorite squirting videos.

NoveltyNegro Jul 24 2016
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Sensual perfection with a squirt to seal the deal.

therealbobby36 deleted Jul 2 2016
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That Njoy must have hit your g-spot. And it sure was amazing. Also, maybe the excitement of having the flame of the candles so close to you helped in your squirting experience. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience. Thank you!

sal - Top reviewer Jun 20 2016
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Gorgeous squirting, she is hot like hell

mewtwice - Top reviewer Feb 14 2016
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Lucy is sexy as always! The squirting is fantastic!

tdow113 Jan 11 2016
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I get the sense that if Lucy is horny enough she will stop whatever she is doing and satisfy her hunger. The location of this scene conveys that to me...not terribly comfortable but satisfactory in a pinch. The candles are a nice touch and their closeness toward the end of the scene adds an element of danger. And of course the surprise at the end is fantastic...very sexy overall.

jd5404 Jan 2 2016
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Lucy is hot as always. Recommended.

xmjk13 Dec 28 2015
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LUCY SQUIRTS!!!! The filming angles are spectacular

I was just having a nice lil time fucking myself with my Njoy wand and I squirted for the first time ever! Now I need to figure out how to do it again! :P