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BronsonG Jan 18
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One of the best on here for sure! :)

zemisus - Top reviewer Jan 6 2016
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This video is great! Leia is back for more naughty fun showing off plenty eye contact and her incredible bj skills, her videos always have a very genuine sensual feel which makes watching much more enjoyable.

A little red lipstick here and a great close up at the end where you can see the cum all on leia's tongue before swallowing and then not missing a drop (hopefully this becomes a trend on the cum swallowing videos) which the preview doesn't show which was a great surprise! the sexy outfit and perfectly cute and sexy Leia showing of her body all adds up to recommending this a definite must buy!

Leia you're the best! as usual..more please! maybe another lipstick with a bolder colour.

(60fps) Daddy~ Surprise!! Hehe, oh don't worry, this was Mommy's idea! I'm your Christmas present! You know she wouldn't do this for you, Daddy... I'm all wrapped up in a cute little bow just for you. Not only that, but I get to play with you! That's my part of the present... I'll touch you Daddy. You can feel my soft hands and warm tongue. Oh Daddy, I love making you happy! You know all I want for Christmas is to play with you. I want to feel you cum, Daddy. I want to feel it hit the back of my throat and slide all the way down to my belly. Mmm, that's what Daddy wants too, right? Video Includes: HD taboo, blowjob, cum in mouth, cum swallow, pov, sexy, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, fantasy, merry christmas, holiday, thong, g-string, feet, foot play, kicking feet back and forth, bubble butt, princess leia, leia, porn