Vacuuming with Attachments Smoking

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
25:41 min - Dec 29 - .MOV - 925.35 MB


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in this clip I use 2 different kirbys! A modern Sentra and a vintage Sanitronic. My living room has been unused domain for years now- I'm ready to clean it up- but where do I even start!?! I decide to attack the corners that have many spiderwebs using the Sentra and an attachment. I stand on my tip toes and clean, then get down on all fours to clean up fur. I stand on a couch to reach the other corner- back to my knees to clean the sliding door track! I need a serious deep cleaning so I grab my vintage Sanitronic- I also grab a smoke! I light up and use the sanitronic to suck the dirt and fur up out of the carpet while I smoke. I decide to have some bag fun while I smoke, unfastening the bag so I can ride it! I grind, moan and smoke on my vintage vacuum. I feel all better after a cum and a smoke- time to go clean more!