XXXmas Eve With Mommy

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4,625 5.0
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lovecraft1969 Mar 4 2016
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I never thought that I would find myself paying 30 dollars for a single half hour adult video but when that video is starring Xev, I have to make that exception. Her videos are about far more than just the sexual act itself. The entire build up to the inevitable sexual encounter is just as good as the encounter itself. I am continually amazed at what a perfect actress Xev is. It cannot be easy delivering so many lines of dialogue without another actor to respond and work with but Xev makes it look easy. I don't know who writes the dialogue for these scenes but it is very believable compared to other taboo style videos that I have seen from other actresses. Xev could easily have been a professional Hollywood actress but I prefer her right where she.

How do you like my outfit, honey. You really think your old mom's still got it? Oh dear, you used to be so infatuated with me, remember? You'd find any excuse to go to bed with with Mommy or visit the bathroom when I was in the tub. Once your father left, you and I were in the same bed all the time. Whenever I needed affection, my boy was right there for me... But imagine my surprise when I woke up with your little boner pressed against my ass. Not to mention all the times I found my nightgown hiked up past my waist in the morning. I even had to start wearing panties in bed because of your urges! There was no doubt about it, I was so horny with your father gone... but I wasn't about to let my own son have sex with me! You are so adorable when you're all embarrassed... I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable honey. Would you like to open a present, it's Christmas Eve after all. I really think you're going to like this one sweetheart. But since you're almost grown up, you have to make a choice first. Do you want what's in this box or do you want to unwrap... your mother for Christmas. What's this? Do you have a present for Mommy too... in your pants? Can I see it? Oh honey, you're shaking... are you sure you can handle this? We'll go slow, I don't want my little man to blow too soon... Fantasy includes: taboo, mother/son, confrontation, seduction, virtual foreplay, strip tease, virtual cock grinding, blow job, virtual sex, cum in mouth, cum swallowing, big ass, cleavage, older woman/younger man, MILF, pov