Sloppy BBC toy Bj in Sleazy Motel


Eisley Valentine

American / SL,UT
3:08 min - Dec 30 - .MOV - 180.49 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Some asshole decided to call me up and try to pull a fast one on me, when I got to his sleazy motel and found that he only had $60 which he thought would be sufficient to fuck this prized pussy..well..he thought wrong! I figured he was insane or delusional. Either way he was just lucky that I felt more amused than offended...Just to make him learn a lesson I demonstrated just how sloppy my blow jobs can get only and how much I would have loved to slobber his cock down if only he had came correct..poor guy..I decided to leave him with a hard dick and all his money to save him some dignity;)
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