Freebie Tuesday

A Few Feet Away - HD

10:22 min - Dec 30 - .MP4 - 578.97 MB


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I want you to save this clip for when your wife/girlfriend needs you the most. When she wants you oh so bad you need to make up any excuse you can to go in the other room. There you will sit and watch this clip in its entirety and do as I fucking command. I have expectations and needs much higher than your stupid wife. Now get that cock out and start jerking for me. Good bitch, keep going. I know what an addict you are for me; I am your ultimate fantasy. I mean look at this body of mine, nothing like that wife of yours! I need you to get rid of her, at the end of the day with her around that is less for me and I just can't have that! She doesn't deserve anything, shes so gross! You are going to be my little bitch now lets go shopping and you can pay for everything and get to enjoy my company! - Mikayla