Wifes Maxed Out Credit Card


Mistress Chantel

Australian / Australia
12:36 min - Dec 30 2015 - .WMV - 514.09 MB


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You know what I think about your wife? Shes a pathetic fat whore. She can't give you your fix like I can which is why you keep crawling back to me and cheating on her with me. You have been serving me and spending money on YOUR credit cards but now it's time to take a step up and be a real man. Your going to MAX OUT wifey's credit card shopping on my wishlist. That's right, you heard me. You see, little does she know, when you serve me it mean's she serves me too. I control you and your wife's money. When she goes to use to her credit card and it tells her it's been maxed out and she comes rampaging to you for answers, you can just tell her that you have been spoiling her and all those items will be coming to her. Yeah right whore. Those items will be coming to be and you get f**king NOTHING. Oh boy, I love being a homewrecker! START SPENDING HERE: http://amzn.com/w/B4BARK1EMUJL