Getting Tipsy On Cam

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The other day on cam I had a customer who wanted to do a few shots with me. I break out some Jack Daniels and we start in on the fun. It looks like I'm nearly out of Jack's, no worries I think there is some spiced rum I can dip my fingers into when this is done. I poor myself a nice stiff shot of Jack's and we pound it back hard. It burns so good going down! We finish off the Jack's and then start in on the spiced rum. I am going to be feeling this in about 5 minutes for sure. I slam back another shot and it's not long before I start feeling the effects of the alcohol. I get so horn and feisty when I get tipsy...all that I want is a nice hard dick to play with. Will you Cum4Jen?What you will experience in this clip: Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Games, Titty Squeezing, Pussy Play, Cam Show, Cam Girl, Amateur