Worship my 12 inch boots


Ava Black

British / UK
14:47 min - Jan 29 - .WMV - 158.02 MB


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Learn how to worship my special shiny red boots Mistress has a gorgeous pair of shiny thigh high boots that she bought from the Dominatrix store. She absolutely loves these boots, especially as they have a delicious 12 inch stiletto heel. Perfect for towering over her slaves when she is wearing them, but even more perfect for punishing slaves, or toying with inserting them in places no heel should ever tread! She spends many a happy hour wearing these while lounging around the house dreaming up new ways of training her slaves. The new slave must now come to a hands-on appreciation of Mistress's love for her boots, and he is taught how to worship them in such a way as is pleasing to his Mistress.