I wore your shirt while he fucked me


Ava Black

British / UK
8:57 min - Feb 03 - .WMV - 95.47 MB


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Remember Cuckold Entrapment? Did you wonder what happened when Ava took Olu up on his offer? Well, we are back with the cheeky wife and her unfortunate husband as she has invited Olu around for their first 'date'. It took place in the marital bed of course. She made sure to tidy it up so that it looked beautiful and welcoming. After all she had missed black cock so much she simply had to get the best out of her afternoon of debauchery. When her hubby comes back home she is simply gushing! She can't help but blurt out all the juicy details about how her afternoon venture back into black went. And the saucy slut! She had the nerve to keep her hubby's shirt on, so she could feel 'closer' to him even while she cheated on him...