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Jerk for Mommy's Feet

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Hey sweetie... I'm just getting ready for bed... lotioning my feet... making them so soft and silky... I know why you are standing there... staring at my feet... mommy knows what you want. I always know what you want. You don't have to be so awkward about it. You can just ask me, you know. Mommy always gives her sweet boy what he needs... and you need my feet tonight, don't you? You sure do... and I'll give them to you. I love it when you play with my feet... suck my toes... rub my wrinkled soles all over your face. You love it too, don't you? Ofcourse you do... you are mommy's little foot boy and I love that you are. Mmmm... you sure are hard down there. It looks like mommy's feet caused another erection! Well... you are such a good boy all the time, mommy is going to let you touch yourself while you are worshiping her feet tonight. That's right sweetie... touch yourself while you are worshiping mommy's sexy feet. Touch yourself... making yourself cum so hard while you are playing with mommy's feet.

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Punk Vulva @Punk Vulva3 years ago
Mr9incher69 @Mr9incher694 years ago
I want Kristi's toes in my mouth.